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Mozart Forever  
17th – 21st May, 2006 



WEDNESDAY 17th May, 2006

„Mozart in Prague“10 am

Operatic féerie „Mozart v Praze”  -  preview 
Musical theatre Prkna 
a performance for gymnasiums  

„Mozart across the world“    7 pm Czech Museum of Music

Concert of young interpreters from Russia, Japan, and the Czech Republic  
tickets available at the HAMU box office and the Czech Museum of Music box office 150 / 100/ 50 CZK  

THURSDAY 18th May, 2006

„My Praguers understand me “  10 am

Interactive programme of musical theatre Prkna  
a performance for gymnasiums  

„Mozart  - Percussion“  6 pm  Lichtenstein palace - HAMU - respirium

Concert of a percussion player Markéta Mazurová  
tickets available at the HAMU box office  
150 / 100/ 50 CZK

FRIDAY 19th May, 2006 

„Concert for Mozart“  11 am – 3.10 pm  Old Town Square

250 minutes long concert with 250 young musicians  
free admission  

„MOZART IN JAZZ“  7.30 pm Lichtenstein palace - HAMU – Martinů auditorium

Jiří Stivín, Karel Růžička, Pavel Šindelář,  
Kaprálová Quartet 
W. A. Mozart classically and in innovative jazz arrangements  
tickets available at the HAMU box office 
250 / 200 / 100 CZK  

„Mozart’s Night Prague“   10 pm – 11.30 pm  Old Town Square

Little Night Music and musical wanderings across period Prague in Mozart’s footsteps, concerts at streets and passages, theatrical performances etc  
free admission 

SATURDAY 20th May, 2006 

„MOZART OPEN CUP“  11 am The Estates Theatre

International running competition – a mozartian relay race across Prague in the Mozart’s opera costumes, 5-member teams of students of art schools from Czech Republic and other European countries run from The Estates Theatre to Bertramka  
free admission

„Bertramka for Amadeus“  12 noon Bertramka

Multi-genres concert with both Czech and foreign interprets of classical music, jazz, and folk 
tickets available in the Bertramka box office

„Mozart in Praze“    1 pm Bertramka

Operatic féerie „Mozart in Prague“  -  premiere 
Musical theatre Prkna  
admission by invitation only

„ My Praguers understand me“ 4 pm Czech Museum of Music

Interactive programme of musical theatre Prkna  
tickets available in the Museum box office  

„Mozart across the world“ 7.30 pm Valdstein palace, Main Auditorium

Gala concert in the Senate 
a concert of young interpreters from Austria, Russia, Japan, and the Czech Republic  
admission by invitation only

SUNDAY 21st May, 2006 

„Amadeus phenomenon“     10 am  Lichtenstein palace - HAMU - club

Workshop with projection of Milos Forman’s Amadeus

guest: Miroslav Ondříček  
admission for accredited festival participants only  

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