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Hudební mládež ČR

      Organizace uznaná MŠMT
      pro oblast práce s dětmi a mládeží



This is the main festival of the Jenuesses Musicales Czech Republic which takes place already from the year 1973. It is annualy the third weekend in September when you can experience three days full of music, theatre and dance. From Fri to Sun you can be meeting with more than 300 participants of the festival in a romantic town called Litomysl.

An old saying says that who hasn't experienced the Litomysl, does not know the Jeunesses Musicales.

The favourite event is Saturday's Dahlia Ball traditionaly in the 20-30thiet style.

PRKNA - the musical theatre festival a three day meeting of students theatre groups (independent or with a hand from their professor). This festival is a competition judged by professionals. Certainly there is a great importance of music in these shows. Finally, there are also professional shows on the program.

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