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Hudební mládež ČR

      Organizace uznaná MŠMT
      pro oblast práce s dětmi a mládeží


Jeunesses Musicales Czech Republic

is an organization of young people interested in quality culture and art (music, theatre, dance, film, fine art). JM Czech Republic has clubs all over the country.

Our events

offer a culture rich program full of interactive workshops and many other events you can join. You can have lots of fun meeting new friends!

Our events are directed to all youngsters interested in quality music and all other forms of art. All events are accessible to all members (you can become a member on the spot).

We organise a number of weekend events, festivals, seminars, summer school, summer camp and many other meetings. Active music performers are welcome to join our unicate Kazoo Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra or the Summer Camp Choir. There is also the TAM-TAM magasine for those who create literally.


If you are aged 10-29 you can become a member. Being a member gives you the opportunity to meet many other people of similar interest from all over the country. They meet at festivals, lectures, concerts, theatre shows...

Our membership card entitles you to discounts on tickets to various cultural events all over the country.

Our team

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